Tuesday, February 5, 2013

DeapExtensions Abbreviated NameSpace

Stuart Lodge just pointed out that I could use an abbreviated namespace so that the full DeapExtenions name does not have to be typed out in your Views. @cheesebaron has a blog post thats explains how to use it http://blog.ostebaronen.dk/2012/12/adding-view-namespace-abbreviations-in.html

I've updated the DeapExtensions to take advantage of this shortcut. Now you can just declare the BindableGroupListView as DeapExt.BindableGroupListView

There, much neater :) Don't forget to the use the DeapExtensions.Binding.Droid.BaseAndroidBindingSetup as your base for your setup class. It simply registers the DeapExt with MvvmCross.


Slodge said...

Neater still if you go Swiss: centrastage:MvxBind="ItemsSource SearchedProfiles;ItemClick DeviceSelected" />

Also... wondering whether there should be a GroupClick as well as an ItemClick? ;)

Kevin said...

GroupClick definitely - on the todo list (and yes the Swiss syntax is nifty)