Monday, December 16, 2013

DDWrt Data for iOS support FAQ

DDWrt Data is a iOS application that plots data used at your router in realtime. Your router needs to be running the DDWrt firmware.

1. What do I need for DDWrt Data to work?

Well first and foremost you need to be running DD-Wrt on your router. DDWrt Data uses the web interface to access the data it needs so that needs to be enabled (it is enabled by default). The historical monthly view is stored on the router so you need to make sure that "Wan Traffic Counter" is enabled under the "Services" tab of your DD-Wrt router.

2. What network interfaces are supported?

By default when you add a new router DDWrt Data adds 3 interfaces for WAN, Wifi and LAN. Any interface name is supported by editing an existing interface and editing the Advanced settings.

3. Can I use SSL?

Yes, edit an existing interface and switch SSL on in Advanced settings. You may have to enter a custom port when changing this setting.

4. Can I use a dynamic IP service like NO-IP?

Yes you can. Enter your DNS name into the address field when adding a new router (or edit an existing interface).

5. What is the red vertical line that appears on the live graph.

Its a break in time longer than 5 seconds. DDWrt Data shows you the data you have missed because of a network error or because the application was in the background.

6. Can I view historical data usage?

Yes, swipe back on the live graph for a month view and swipe back again for the previous month.


Aditya K said...

Thanks for the app. Is there something i need to activate to view the 3rd tab for live data, i am able to see the first two tabs (previous month & Current month usage) but when i go to the 3rd tab its blank with resolving icon

DataDunker505 said...

Same exact issue here. Love the app, just need that live view working. Any luck? Thanks!
DD-WRT v3.0-r35927std
Archer C9v1